On March 28, the V3 Legion will witness the biggest rematch that the heavyweight division has ever seen when champion, Houston Lantrip, takes on #1 contender, Pete Pirtle, for the heavyweight title. 

The last time these two squared off was back in 2013, in which Pirtle came out on top.  He is currently 8-1 and fights out of 10th Planet BJJ in Alabama.  He wants nothing more than to repeat his performance from a couple years ago and hold the most prestigious title in the country.  Take a look at what he had to say about his upcoming co-main event fight…

How did you get started in MMA?

In 2012, I was introduced to my first jiu-jitsu class.  I was intrigued with the mental aspect of the sport and strategy chess playing moves in grappling.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  

What are your thoughts on your opponent, Houston Lantrip, and how do you see this fight going?

It means the world to me to fight for the V3 Heavyweight title and against my opponent, Houston Lantrip.  I'm treating this opportunity like it's a UFC title fight.  I expect this fight to stay standing.  Houston doesn’t go for takedowns unless he’s tired.  Me on the other hand, I take what's giving to me from my opponent.  I know the combinations that he loves to throw and I’ve watched film and know where his weakness is and what his strengths are as well. 

You two have fought once before in which you came out on top.  Do you feel that will play a factor at all in this fight?

I don’t live off past performances.  Yes, I did win the first fight, but we both have improved our game and I'm treating this like it's the first time ever fighting him.

Where do you feel you have the advantage in this fight?

I'm less predictable, my jab is better, and my ju-jitsu is a lot better.  He usually tires out pretty well in the 3rd round so that's when I will let my cardio and strength takeover.  He has the belt so the only favor I have is motivation of taking the belt and handing him his second lost in devastating defeat. I plan to finish the fight!

What would it mean to become the V3 champ and hold the most prestigious amateur title in the nation?

This upcoming fight is everything it’s supposed to be, another stepping stone to improve as a fighter and excel my confidence in this sport.  To win this fight and be crowned the V3 Heavyweight champion will be a blessing.  I have this vision and this dream that I want to protect and right now my passion for overcoming my fears and conquering obstacles that's in the way of my dream is such a rewarding feeling that I can't describe.  I already hold the ISKA title.  I want to unify the ISKA Title and V3 Title. I think I will be the first fighter to ever hold the title in both categories as a native from Alabama in the heavyweight division. I have never in my life accomplished so much in such amount of time as an athlete and I thank God for everyday for my blessings.   March 28, 2015 Pete Pirtle vs. Houston Lantrip will be another chapter in my dream to conquer another opponent and make a step closer towards my dream and the UFC. All praises go to God! To my son, Kenzo Nasir Pirtle, this win is dedicated to you and the pride that I take in being your father, I can see the bigger picture more clearer now!

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WHAT:                       V3Fights: Pena vs Davis

WHEN:                       Saturday March 28, 2015

                                     6:00 pm Doors open

                                     7:00 pm Fights start

WHERE:                    Minglewood Hall

1555 Madison Ave

Memphis, TN 38108                                 

ADMISSION:           $25 general admission

                                   $35 reserved seating

                                   $45 cageside seating

                                   $50 VIP                                    

                                    You can get your tickets at 

                                    All ages welcome

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