On Saturday night, two of the top flyweights in the southeast region will face one another for the right to call himself the V3 champion when Nathan Lindsay (10-6 Nashville MMA) goes up against Hunter Joffre (9-0 Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu). 

Both fighters bring a lot to the table, and the one that can implement his game plan will come out on top.  Matchmaker, Chan Wasion, had a lot to say about this upcoming title fight:

“In amateur MMA, title champions change all of the time, but in the case of our flyweight division, it’s technically been Hunter Joffre’s the entire time.  He was out for a while due to injury, but now that he is back, it’s awesome to have him back in the V3 cage!  I’m really excited for this fight between him and Nathan Lindsay because in my opinion, they are the top two flyweights in the entire state of Tennessee.”  


Hunter Joffre comes from a wrestling background, so it’s hard to beat him at his own game.  The former White Station High School standout has made it look easy several times in his fights when dictating where he wants to fight to go. 

However, Lindsay is no slouch in the wrestling department.  He was able to neutralize Frankie Nuffio in their bout when Nuffio tried to outwrestle him and came up on the short end of the stick. 

Advantage:  Joffre


The Legion has seen a lot more of Lindsay’s striking than they have of Joffre’s because most of Joffre’s fights end up on the ground.  Whether it’s in the clinch against the cage, or in open space, look for Lindsay test the striking of Hunter Joffre. 

This could end up bad for Lindsay though, for the simple fact that the fans really haven’t seen what Joffre is capable of.  However, they know what they are getting with Lindsay. 

Advantage: Lindsay


Both fighters come from great schools and grapple some the best fighters in their respected areas on a daily basis.  We’ve gotten to see both fighters display their submission game inside of the V3 cage.  In his V3Fights’ debut, Joffre was able to submit Johnny Oswalt in the opening seconds of the fight.  Nathan Lindsay was able to submit former champion, Chance Wilson, in the very first round via guillotine choke.

Advantage:  Even

So as you can see, the fighter that implements his game plan and can dictate where the fight takes place will most likely be the one that comes out on top.  But one thing is for sure, this is going a be a fight that will entertain the Legion.  Get your tickets now!

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WHAT:                      V3Fights: Davis vs Hall

WHEN:                      Saturday June 20, 2015

                                    6:00 pm Doors open

                                    7:00 pm Fights start

 WHERE:                    Minglewood Hall

1555 Madison Ave

Memphis, TN 38104                                  

ADMISSION:            $35 general admission

                                    $45 reserved seating

                                    $55 cageside seating

                                    $60 VIP                                  

You can get your tickets at

                                    All ages welcome

                                    For further information, go to

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