One of the more anticipated match-ups on the June 20 card is Tyler Wilson vs Issac Ware.  Wilson is a veteran inside the V3 cage (as an amateur), but on June 20, he will be making his pro debut.  He brings to the cage a great mixture of tenacity, personality, and heart.  He weighs in on this opportunity and opponent and had a lot to say about it. 

How did you get started in MMA?

I’ve been an athlete my whole life.  I excelled in football and baseball.  When I saw that there was a young guy in our community that started fighting, it sparked a flame in my head. Being the troubled fifteen year old that I was, I found something that could substitute and help cope with my issues I faced being a young, aggressive teenager. Never in my life did I think it would it would captivate me the way It did. I trained for three months and had my first fight at the age of 15. I was immediately hooked. Despite my family being skeptical of my decision to drop my other athletics that were for sure taking me to college to get an education, they supported me in any endeavor I took on regardless how irrational my decision may have been to them.

How does it feel to be making your professional debut?

As an amateur, I had a 15-3 record with 12 KOs and 3 submissions, five titles, and a record full of great adversaries. I have been in many great wars. But this step to the professional level has been a dream since a young boy.  I’ve always wanting to become a "professional" athlete. Being a pro athlete was like being a god in my little town and was every athletes’ dream here. The last 6 years in Mixed Martial Arts with the hardships and adversaries I have overcame have left me more than ready to take on Issac Ware on June 20th.

Speaking of Issac Ware, he had some things to say about this upcoming fight, care to respond to him?

As far as his prediction of submitting me in the first round goes, that is a little bit of a fairy tale.  He must have been dreaming if you ask me. Claiming to finish someone in the first round that has never been finished is a task at hand, but to say you will finish Tyler Wilson is a very bold statement. He claims I am nowhere near his level. I believe when he realizes that cage door is closed and he has no way out, he will start to get worried. Worried that if he can't get me down, his game plan will be shut down and he will be forced to stand with me.

How do you see this fight going?

My prediction is that whether I leave him unconscious on the mat or have him tapping out, Issac Ware will be finished in the first round June 20th. I have great respect for Isaac. But it will not have an effect of the inevitable. This fight will be a good one. Not one to miss and one that will definitely not be going to a decision.

Any final comments or anything else you want to say to Issac Ware?

I go to bed each night thinking about you and wake up the next morning thinking about you. Everything that I have ever sacrificed and worked hard for in my life leads me to this opportunity that has finally arisen. I hope you are healthy and have trained hard. I am coming to finish you Isaac Ware. 

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WHAT:                      V3Fights: Davis vs Hall

WHEN:                      Saturday June 20, 2015

                                    6:00 pm Doors open

                                    7:00 pm Fights start

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        1555 Madison Ave

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