A great night was had by all on Saturday night at Minglewood Hall.  The fighters put on a great display of hard work and passion in the cage in front of the V3 ‘Legion.’ 

A new champion was crowned and also successfully defended his title in the same fight.  That’s right, Adrian Thomas is now both the bantamweight and featherweight champion.  That fight also earned Thomas “Fighter/Permormance of the Night” honors.  “Fight of the Night” honors goes to Steven Birdsong and Jordan Fowler.  These two displayed a great deal of technique for three straight rounds in which Birdsong came out victorious.  “Submission of the Night” goes to Bryce Mitchell.  He was able to land a devastating arm bar, which forced his opponent to tap in the first round.  “Knockout of the Night” goes to Eric Shelton who landed a vicious hook to his opponent in the main event.  

V3Fights will be back in action on November 21 at Minglewood Hall! 

Full results below:


150 (kickboxing) - Royelle Gogins defeated Dana Snead via unanimous decision

265 – Ira Sherrod defeated Jay Wilson via TKO in round #1 (:47)

175 – Chris Sorrell defeated Bryan Gregory via unanimous decision

SPHW – Shea Taylor defeated Paul Dantzler via tapout due to strikes in round #3 (2:00)

185 – Steven Birdsong defeated Jordan Fowler via unanimous decision

140 - Adrian Thomas defeated Blake Snow via unanimous decision 




150 – Bryce Mitchell defeated Chris Culley via arm bar in round #1 (3:39)

165 – Wade Johnson defeated Law Purifoy via TKO in round #1 (1:30)

125 – Eric Shelton defeated Brian Hall via KO in round #2 (3:38)


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