Former V3Fights' featherweight champion, Bryce 'Thug Nasty' Mitchell is featured on this season of 'The Ultimate Fighter.'  For the next couple of months, he will be sharing with everyone some of the stuff that went on behind the scenes in each episode as well as his thoughts on some of the things that we watch each week.  V3Fights' is very proud of Bryce and look forward to sharing his story with you!  We would also like to thank Thug Nasty for doing this and are honored to see him grow from an 18 year old amateur fighter to a contestant on season 27 of TUF! 


Filming was for 6 weeks, but I was only in the TUF house for 4 weeks.  When we got there, they still didn’t know who the coaches were going to be.  The rumor was that TJ Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson were going to be the coaches.  So the competition didn’t start yet and for the first two weeks we were isolated in a hotel room.  We were not allowed to leave at all or even talk to each other at the hotel.  We could order room service and eat anything we wanted and as much as we wanted.  We had a television in there that had about 15 channels but only three of them were worth watching.  I was going crazy.  The first day I was there, I didn’t know we couldn’t leave the room and I went downstairs and asked for a room key because I needed one to get into the workout room at the hotel.  I asked a guy and he was someone that worked for the UFC and he got mad at me and told me that I am not supposed leave the room.  I wanted to work out so bad and get out of that room that I just made something up and looked at him with a serious face and said that I was going crazy in the room and hearing voices and I needed to work out and he believed me and let me in the fitness center. 

The only time we were allowed to leave the hotel was to go train.  I went twice a day just to get out because I hated being isolated like that. 


During evaluations, my back was hurting because we didn’t really get to warm up.  We went so hard and so quick and only got to warm up for like five minutes.  During evaluations, we mainly just wrestled. 

The team picks were 10-15 minutes after the evaluations.  I thought I should have been the first pick, but everything thought that they should as well.  I was glad that I got picked to be on DC’s team.  He had a wrestling centered camp and I was hoping for that.  It helped me out a lot.  I also got lucky because my friend Luis Pena was also picked to be on DC’s team.  Pena and I are old training buddies from back in the day when he used to live in Arkansas so it was good to have a familiar face not only on the show, but also on the same team. 


Someone told the other team that all of the big rooms were on a certain side of the house, and they got to the house first and got the big rooms.  We got the smaller ones, but I was ok with that.  They got their own bathrooms and stuff like that, but I didn’t really care. 

We got to eat anything we wanted.  We would write down a list of things and they would be there in a day or two.  I ate sushi and steak pretty much every day.  It was a nice ass house and people were always outside maintaining it.  Sprinklers everywhere, awesome pool.  It was like 25 or 30 minutes from the gym too. 


To be honest, I don’t really remember that first training session.  Most of the practices were hard as hell and it took some getting used to.  But I cross train so much and travel a lot to train that it didn’t really bother me being away from BARATA MMA.  They showed me a lot of new stuff, but there was so much of it that it was hard to absorb it all.  So I wrote a lot of it down so I could work on it later.  But I liked the practices.  We went twice a day, every day accept on Sunday. 


They spent a lot of time featuring him last night so I’ll comment on him.  That dude is a freaking nut.  He’s not acting for the camera.  He’s really a nut and does crazy stuff.  You never knew what he was going to do.  He was one of the cool dudes on the other team and everyone in the house liked him.  I can’t wait to share more of the crazy stuff that he did later in the season.  Once I got out of the house and filming was done I looked up some of this fight videos and he’s an extremely tough dude. 


The first weigh-in was nothing special, but fight day was badass.  You get to fight at noon and don’t have to wait all day like you usually do.  You wake up, eat something and then go fight.  I love that. 

It’s really quiet in the gym compared to fighting at a venue.  There are only a couple of people there instead of a couple of hundred or thousand.  But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.  That first fight we didn’t know what to expect.  We knew that Gunther was goofy, but other than that we didn’t know what to expect that first fight.  I was hyped though and my adrenaline was running and I was jacked up on coffee that day.  I had like five cups of coffee that day.  It only lasted 17 seconds and we were really pumped, but at the same time we were all respectful towards Gunther because everybody liked him.   


I thought and was hoping that I was going to be picked next to fight.  I wanted to be first so I would have more recovery time.  I was telling the coaches I wanted to go first.  I was more nervous that they were not going to pick me to fight than anything else.  I didn’t care who I fought, I just wanted to go first.  I knew everyone was really good and it didn’t matter, I just wanted to go first.  So when I didn’t get picked to go next I was pretty pissed off. 

I look forward to sharing my experience with everyone throughout this season.  See you all next week! 

- Thug Nasty