Thug Nasty here again and I will be breaking down this week’s episode of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Season 27: Team DC vs Team Stipe.  I will be doing this every week for the entire season and giving you some behind the scenes information of what went on during that night’s episode as well as what I was feeling while it was happening. 


I was the first one to walk into the locker room and I didn’t notice the pictures that Team Stipe put up on our walls.  Once a teammate pointed it out, Tyler Diamond got a sharpie and drew a little man part on Stipe and I drew both male and female parts on Gian Villante and made him into a hermaphrodite.  Everyone got a good laugh at that.  DC was super cool about all of it and got a good laugh and the prank war has begun.  The coaches were always joking around and trash talking with each other. 


When Thailand spars, he goes really hard, too hard.  I went with him for like five or six rounds and after telling him to calm down some, I just stopped sparring with him and went with everyone else.  I still rolled with Thailand, I just didn’t spar with him.  I had to tell him to take it down a bit. 

When DC and Thailand got into it, everyone was trying to stay out of it and kept training.  Thailand felt that he was being singled out by the coach.  I think the whole thing could have been avoided if he just said ‘yes sir.’  When they told me something, that’s all I did.  I said  ‘yes sir’ and just kept training.   

I thought that they were going to go at it and start fighting.  It was a lot more heated than what they showed.  I didn’t get the same ‘oh crap’ feeling watching it on television that I did when it actually happened.  There was real tension in the TUF gym that training session.   

I think it’s pointless to go that hard when you have a fight coming up, but I was still cool with Thailand and talked to him in the house.  I just never sparred with him. 


Last night's episode spent a lot of time talking about both fighters.  I liked both of them and got along fine with them.  Both guys were really good.  That was one of the matchups where I couldn’t predict a winner before the fight.  Before the fight, I knew Brad was good, but I didn’t know he was THAT good. 

Brad mentioned in his interview that he went with the lightweights a lot because he could see all four of the featherweights on DC’s team advancing and then having to fight each other.  But we all did that and tried to go with a lightweight because we knew we could end up fighting one another.  If we drilled or did a series, we went together, but we tried to avoid each other out of respect, not to mention that it was the smart thing to do.  But we did drill with each other and got a feel for each other just in case we had to fight them at some point.  


I know it seemed pretty calm, but there was trash talking between the two teams, a lot of trash talking, they just didn’t show it.  Every weigh in was like that because the process is a lot longer than they make it out to be.  You’re sitting there for at least an hour, so the two teams just always sat there and talked trash.  There was a coffee machine in the back, so before weigh-ins I had like five cups of coffee.  You’re just sitting there and there is a lot of waiting, so there I was chugging coffee and listening to the two teams talking smack back and forth. 


I had my five cups of coffee again like I did for the first fight of the season and yesterday’s weigh-ins and was hyped up for this one.  I couldn’t predict a winner before the fight.  Usually I had a good feeling about who would beat who when fight’s were announced, but not this time.  Brad’s leg kicks were the biggest factor in the fight and that spinning back kick that Kyler landed really hurt Brad.  After the fight we went back in the dressing room and got hyped.  It carried over into the van on the way home too and there was a lot of trash talking and encouraging, but once we got in the house with the other team, we didn’t say anything about it.  We kept it respectful.  Kyler is pretty cool so we didn’t want be rude to him or kick him while he is down because ALL of us went into this thing thinking that we are going to win the show!   


I knew they were going to do a lightweight fight next so I wasn’t nervous about whether or not I was getting picked to fight next.  They did a fight every four days.  My boy Pena got picked.  I felt really confident when this fight was announced.  We knew his opponent (Jose) would have to struggle to make weight.  I thought immediately that it would play a factor in this fight.  Everyone thought he would struggle.  Jose was the biggest guy in the house and he never fought at 155, ever, so I felt really good about my teammate and fellow Arkansas buddy Pena for this one. 


There are still a lot of cool things happening throughout this season, so tune in next week when I break down episode 3 for everyone!  And as always, that you for your support! 

- Thug Nasty