Sorry this is late.  I went on a road trip with one of my coaches/training partners, Roli Delgado to Mount Vernon, IL to train at Pedigo Submission Fighting Gym and stayed on Roli’s farm.  You may remember Roli from season 8 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ where he was on Team Mir.  This gym was awesome, nothing but savages there!  These guys were the real deal!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  They sleep on the mat, shower by using their water bottles, it was just crazy and I loved it.  I’m going back there again soon to train and hunt.  But I had no reception so I couldn’t post my blog for episode 5, so here it goes. 

After my fight I went and got seven stitches above my eye.  I couldn’t train for a week or so.  I could hit pads and drill, but couldn’t do anything live or spar. 

The show started off with Tyler drawing to pass time because he was bored.  I did the same thing.  I don’t even draw, but I was drawing a bunch, and drawing weird stuff.  We had no television, radio, phone, or any kind of contact or connection to the outside world, so I would shoot my bow or draw to pass time.    


Tyler and Suman wanted to fight because Suman was talking s---.  At first he wanted to fight Dulani, everyone did.  But when Suman said he wanted Tyler, Tyler then clearly wanted to fight Suman.  In the house, Tyler would talk s--- to Suman everyday.  Tyler would say stuff to him, but Suman started it.  Tyler only started firing shots at him because Suman did it first.    I was shocked at the fight announcement at the end of the show.  I thought he was going to fight Tyler and not Ricky. 


Let me start off talking about the UFC Performance Institute first.  Every Wednesday, we would go there and it was hell.  We did nothing but cardio.  We did get to spar once there, but I had stitches and couldn’t.  The first Wednesday that we went there, we met Forrest Griffin.  He gave us a tour and then gave us all some really cool hand wraps.  I am not sure if he was supposed to do that or not, but he did and I appreciated that. 

Upstairs they have a boxing ring and an MMA cage and a bunch of monkey bars for pull-ups and rings for gymnasts.  There were also speed bags, heavy bags and a little mat area.  Down the hallway there is a big jiu-jitsu and sparring area with padded walls. 

Downstairs there is a locker room, shower, weights, turf and fancy treadmills.  There is a high altitude chamber to train in to simulate being in high altitude and a machine for rehabbing.  There is a medical room for massages or if you need a doctor to get checked out or get therapy.  My favorite room down there was a room with a sauna, ice tub and hot tub.  I used it every Wednesday.  I would go in each like five times. They also had an underwater treadmill.  Luis used that when he hurt his foot.  I was pissed that I didn’t get to use the cryotherapy machine there.  

So Suman was at the performance institute getting his knee checked out.  He told me his knee was injured so I already knew about it.  At this point in the season his knee is already slightly torn.  Coach Deron Winn saw him rehabbing it in the performance institute and spread the word about Suman’s knee and we were all talking about it.  Suman was mad that coach told everyone, but nothing really changed in the game plan though for whoever fought him.  But I know if I fought him, I would kick the s--- out of his leg. 

I don’t remember the argument in the hallway between Suman and Deron.  It was left at the gym though.  He never talked about him in the house. 


Both fighters were featured because they were the two fighting in this episode.  Thailand just has a chip on his shoulder.  We got along fine in the house.  He never did anything to me.  We were cool with each other. 

Me and mike got along really well.  He has some cool hunting stories.  He’s shot bears before and stuff like that.  I talked to Stipe’s team a lot.  I talked to my team a lot more, but I still talked to the other team in the house.  You really couldn’t avoid each other.  But both dudes were cool with me and we got along fine. 


I was doing my own thing when he was preparing.  I remember DC telling him to wrestle and Thailand’s wrestling is bad, so that surprised me.  He gets tired quick when he wrestles.  But he has dangerous hands.     


If you remember before my fight, everyone wore camo bandanas because I’m country, well in this episode did you notice that we wore orange bandanas for Thailand?  Thailand used to be a gangster so we wore a bandana with our team color for him.  Thailand thought it was cool.

I wanted Thailand to win bad and I thought he could have if he street fought him and used his hands more.  I think he lost because of the coaching.  They told him to wrestle Mike, but Thailand gets really tired whenever he wrestles.  I thought it was out of my place to tell him that, but I thought before, during, after and now that he should have put his hands on Mike.  You saw what happened when he did let his hands go, he dropped Mike right away.  But DC and them told him to wrestle so he did.  After the fight he was pissed that he wrestled but he didn’t point fingers at anyone or the coaches.  I did talk to him after the fight and he expressed his belief that he shouldn’t have wrestled and thought the same thing as me.  But the coaches convinced him that he could outwrestle Mike and he believed them.  I think if they fought again, Thailand would knock him out.  He hits hard as s---, even with 16 oz gloves you can feel his power. 

So it is now 4-1 and they picked Suman to fight Ricky.  Again I was shocked by this because I thought for sure he and Tyler were going to be fighting.  Can’t wait to see the next episode and tell you about it.  They showed previews of it and it looks awesome and like there was some drama in the house.  I missed it because I was getting stitches so I am as excited as all of you are to watch it! 

Thanks again for everyone’s support!

- Thug Nasty