Thug Nasty here with another recap of last night's episode (episode 3) for season 27 of 'The Ultimate.'  There is never a dull moment and I cannot wait each week to share my experience with all of you.  Let's break down this weeks episode...



The first part of the episode was about Dulani Perry.  He bothered some guys on his team and others loved him.  What started the argument was Jose told Dulani that he isn’t really gangster. What they didn’t show was what was actually said.  Dulani said he would make Jose disappear.  His actual words were “I’ll make yo ass disappear!” So Jose then said that he would have some dudes waiting at the Palace Station to take care of Dulani and it just escalated from there. 

Almost everyone enjoyed Dulani’s presence.  I know I did.   He was entertaining as hell, whether the cameras were on or not.  He also ordered the most food, like A LOT of food.  He would order crab legs and he would have so much left over and our team would just take it.  But I took everyone’s extra food.  Ha ha  


While his fight prep was going on, I think I was off working on something with Cain (Velasquez) and I heard the argument.  I was on the black mat and could overhear everything.  DC was mad because Luis was arguing with Coach Rosenda, who was our boxing coach.  It wasn’t as bad as the Thailand incident, but it was heated.  You could tell DC was getting mad.  Luis was complaining about the boxing gloves.  A couple of others said they didn’t like them either, but I was fine with the gloves.  Hey they were free so I wasn’t going to complain.  I’ve trained in better gloves, but the ones they supplied were fine too.  It calmed down after a while, but make no mistake about it, things got heated in there. 


Suman Mokhtarian was pretty funny.  It was probably a week or two in the house, because remember we spent two weeks in a hotel room, but both teams had a routine.  Suman would yell every morning.  They weren’t being loud in my opinion but it bothered Luis so he just yelled for him to shut the F up.  I just sat there and ate and listened.  It was a good source of entertainment any time something like that happened. 


Again, they didn’t show it, but there was a lot of trash talking between both teams while we were waiting for weigh-ins to start.  Also, they didn’t show this, but I thought Jose had a tough weight cut.  It looked like he definitely did when I saw him in the house.  He’s never made 155 before.  I did not think he was having fun though with the weight cut. 


On the morning of the fight, Jose and Luis both woke up early and cooked breakfast together.  They also cleaned the house and hung out with each other.  They really were good friends.

Every fight day, people woke up and were hyped.  As soon as one fight ended, we thought of the next one and couldn’t wait for it.  It was actually the best thing.   Watching the fights was awesome and I was hyped every morning when there was a fight. 

The way it works is that the fighter leaves about 30 minutes before his team and rides alone in the van on the way to the TUF gym.  Then the team leaves and gets there about an hour and a half to two hours before the fight.  They have a table of snacks and stuff at the gym and we just load up on that and talk crap with the other team.  There are also amino acids on the table and I always made sure to grab those as well.  And as always, on fight days, I make sure to at least drink five cups of coffee and I was especially hyped for this one!  This fight was different because my boy Luis was fighting.   

You couldn’t really tell, but when Luis was walking out to the cage, I was yelling “501” which is the area code for Cabot, AR.  He looked at me and nodded and knew exactly what I was talking about.  I know his home video talked about him being in Missouri, but before that he lived in Arkansas and we trained together often when he was at Westside MMA.  So I was more hyped for this one for sure.  I probably didn’t even need all of that coffee but I still drank it.  Ha ha   


The fight was brutal.  Luis just battered him.  But Jose didn’t quit.  I thought Luis would hit the body more but he still dominated. 

At this point we are up 3-0 now, but we expected it.  It was hard match-up wise for them to beat us.  We felt that they messed up on the picks, and they really did, so we expected to be up 3-0. 

In the locker room, Luis was hype but then he was having problems walking and was hobbling around.  His foot was really swollen.  I don’t think he even went out there for the next fight announcement. 

Stipe was mad after the fight.  He was getting frustrated and he wanted to win one.  But he messed up on the picks. 


I knew I was going next.  I already asked if I could be next to fight.  I said I don’t give a s--- who it is, I just want to go next.  Ricky didn’t want to fight Jay because of Jay’s wrestling.  Heck, I wanted to go first so I had no problem fighting Jay next if that is what needed to happen for me to be the next fight.  I didn’t care who I fought because I knew everyone was game, so I knew that I was up next. 

Did you notice that when DC announced my name, he said it with an accent?  He did that a lot.  I got along great with my coach.  He has the same persona as my coach at Barata MMA, Willie McGlothlin.  Different coaching styles, but their demeanor is the same and that is awesome!    

 So I’m up next to fight in four days although everyone else needs to wait a week to see it.  I wish I could tell you, but you will find out next Wednesday and as always, I’ll be here to give the inside scoop of everything that went on during the taping of that episode.  Thanks again for everyone’s support, I really do appreciate it!    

-Thug Nasty