Thug Nasty was featured on episode 10 of 'The Ultimate Fighter' season 27.  Every contestant on the show is undefeated and Bryce Mitchell breaks down each episode every week and tells us some of the things that went on behind the scenes.  Check it out. 


DC wanted us to see his mentality.  He’s a top UFC fighter and also won ‘The Ultimate Fighter” show so he wanted us to talk to someone who has been there and done that.  He was there for about a week.  Like Luke and Max, he didn’t train with us, he just hung out and watched the fights and was there for the final thoughts.  He told us not to let fame get to our heads.  He asked me what kind of car I drove and I told him an old Honda Civic and that is a piece of crap.  He said don’t ever sell my Honda because it will keep me humbled.  So I absolutely found it beneficial that he was there. 

Another cool thing about Chiesa being there was he fought Al Iaquinta in the finale when he was on the show.  I stay with Al whenever I go to train in New York and he told me his side of what the house is like and his experience.  They were on the same team and Al told me that he made Chiesa cry and then Chiesa agreed that he got whooped in practice but still won the fight.  It was crazy to hear how your partner whipped your ass in practice and then you win the fight if you put your mind to it.  It also showed how anything can happen on any given day.  So it was good to hear his side of things as well as Al’s, especially since like them, i am fighting a teammate.             

You saw I was eating an avocado when Chiesa was talking to us.  I was cutting weight for my fight and we had a nutrition coach there and he told me I could eat a half of one in three hours and it was three hours when he talked to us so I wasn’t going to miss that chance of eating. Haha It was also funny seeing them sitting on Pena’s scooter and DC telling him that it commanded respect.  I love that damn scooter.  Everyone took turns playing with it even when Pena needed it.  Haha   


*They showed Team Stipe coming to our house to watch the fights.  They were really cool with us and always brought food.  I couldn’t always eat it, but it was still pretty cool.  We got to watch the fights on television once a week and Team Stipe always showed up, not just the one time.  Sometimes there were even multiple days where they aired fights and we got to watch every time.  They kept the tv covered all the time except when they let us watch the fights and told us that if we ever turned it on that they would fine us and take it out of our pay check.  But we were always hyped to watch the fights.  It was always the best part of the day whenever we got to watch them and it was cool hanging out with Stipe and his coaches.    

*They also aired Suman helping me get ready for my fight.  He coaches a lot at his gym and he holds pads really well.  I would have asked him anyways to do it, but he actually volunteered.  He helped me out about three or four nights in a row.  The time they showed him holding for me was around midnight or one in the morning.  But I was really thankful for Suman doing that.  He’s a really cool dude. 

*Next they featured me some in the show.  The bathrooms were so dirty from so many nasty dudes using it, that I thought that outside was a lot cleaner so I just pissed outside all the time.  Morning, noon and night, it didn’t matter.  It was my spot and everyone knew that the first set of bushes when you walk out the back door was where I always went to the bathroom. 

The necklace that I made for DC actually happened after the coaches’ challenge.  I will talk about it more on the next blog because it airs on this week’s episode.  But DC really liked it and I’ll talk more about this later.    

*I didn’t even know they were filming me talking to Allan.  I really don’t even remember it.  I have no idea what brought up that conversation but he really didn’t understand what I was saying.  I did teach him a few things though like what a squirrel and catfish are. 

*At the TUF house, the garage was the media room and it’s sealed off.  Whenever something happened that they wanted you to talk about, they would bring you in there and interview you.  They interviewed me about going home and I was ready.  I wanted to sleep in my own bed, talk to my family and friends and girlfriend, train at my own gym and I also needed to be home to work on stuff at the house.  I really am grateful for this whole experience, but at the time we were all ready to get out of there.        


With about two weeks left, DC told me and Brad to stop being training partners.  He told us not to spar or roll with each other anymore.  It was kind of tough because Pena, Richie and Ricky were all injured.  Plus, Thailand took about a week off after his fight so there were only really four guys in the practice room so me and Brad would rotate with Jo Jo and Diamond.  My weight cut was fine and I only had to cut five to ten pounds.  Eating all of the best food and having a nutrition coach there made things easier.      

Brad mentioned that he felt as though the coaches were picking me to win and favoring me.  I didn’t know Brad felt that way.  We were still really cool with each other in the house and I think that was all in his head.  I don’t believe that they were favoring me. 

When they showed my fight prep, if you noticed I had a piece of tape around my head.  I got seven stitches from my first fight so it was on there to protect the stitches.  The producers told me that every single season someone gets stitches and in the history of the show the stitches never came open and they were right.  Neither DC nor Cain coached us for this fight.  Two assistants went with me and two went with Brad.  I got Bob and Deron.  They totally helped me out for this and were telling me to f--- him up and stuff and game planned with me.     

Everything went fine before the fight.  Weigh-ins sucked.  I only had to lose five or ten pounds, which was fine, but all eight semi-finalists weighed in on the same day.  So what the producers had us do is walk in and out four different times.  We had to do it one time for every fight.  Other than that, everything was fine leading up to the fight.  If you remember what I told you in my last fight, everything was terrible before the fight took place.  This time it wasn’t like that.  Everything was much better as far as pre-fight medicals and hand wrapping and stuff like that go.  I was mentally prepared for this fight. 

If I could go back I would have just survived those last 40 seconds and not tried to get back to my feet.  My goal was to get up and that is what messed me up.  I’ve never been in a fight that close and I handled it wrong.  But now I know that if it’s that close to not do that anymore.

After the fight my legs were in a lot of pain from me kicking his forearm.  His face was swollen.  It was an absolute war!     

I can't thank everyone enough for all of the support that I've received during these last ten weeks.  I want everyone to know how much it means to me and how much I appreciate it.  Trust me, this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Bryce Mitchell!!!