Former V3Fights’ featherweight champion, Bryce Mitchell, it featured on “The Ultimate Fighter” season 27.  Every fighter on the show is undefeated and Thug Nasty breaks down every episode each week and lets everyone know what went on behind the scenes and gives us his thoughts on what was aired.  Check it out… 


The facility was way about 20 minutes away and way outside of where we were staying.  When we got there it was freezing inside so we were drinking coffee and trying to stay warm.  I stole a pair of skates.  The producers told us that we couldn’t skate but I saw a pair and put them on and did five laps before they were able to stop me and make me take them off.   

When we found out that they were going to play hockey my first thought was that it was rigged and they were going to give Stipe an easy win.  I was nervous and thought that DC was going to lose.  Stipe clearly has played hockey at least once in his life.  His coaches were going ‘left high’ and things like that and he knew how to aim, so I thought DC was in a lot of trouble.  How DC won was strictly a miracle.  Stipe knew was he was doing and he still lost.

When DC won, we all ran up to him and celebrated.  Coach Camacho, our strength and conditioning coach, ran out there so quick that he slipped on the ice and when he fell it was near DC’s blade of his skate and he put his hand up and ended up cutting his hand.  But that is not all, because he put his hand up to avoid the blade, his forehead hit the ice and busted it open.  The medics there had to take care of him.  Coach Camacho had a rough time on the show.  He also hurt his ribs one time when Luis double legged him.  He is a good coach though.  He would warm us up, stretch us and cool us down.  He has some great warm-ups and exercises.     

I need to get this off of my chest.  I like DC and he is a great coach and I learned a lot from him, but he never matched the $1500 like he said he would if he won the challenge.  I lost a lot of respect for him on that one.  He lied to our faces.  Like I said, I don’t hate him or anything, I just don’t trust him.  He’s a multi-millionaire.  Some of the dudes on our team will never see that kind of money and he promised us.  How can you promise poor fighters money and not do it?  Doubling the $1500 made the challenge more intense.  When DC kept falling the other team thought it was hilarious, but I was nervous because I thought $3,000 was on the line so I didn’t think him falling was funny.  So we got $6,000 for being on the show, and each person on our team got $1500 for him winning and that was mailed to me, but the $1500 he promised to match never happened.  On last week’s episode, the necklace I made for him I did it after the coaches’ challenge.  If I knew he was going to lie and not give us that money, I would not have made the necklace.  Like I said, I still like him and he’s an awesome coach and I learned a lot, but I could have really used that money and I know the other guys could have as well. 


Our coaches came to the house when there was only a couple of days left.  To give us a little mental break, DC brought an XBOX to the house and we had a tournament.  He only brought the UFC game because that is all the producers would let him bring.  Luis whipped everyone’s ass at the game.  JoJo whipped everyone too.  If coach would have brought ‘Halo’ or ‘Gears of War’ I would have beaten everyone, but since it was the UFC game I didn’t do too well.  I don’t really play those kinds of games.  At this point there was less than a week left so it was really cool of him to bring it, I didn’t even care that it was the UFC game.  It could have been Pokemon and I would have been fine with it.  I would have played anything because the house was that bad.  I was getting into it.     


We had eight days after the last quarterfinal fight to prepare for the semis.  JoJo didn’t do anything special in his fight prep.  There were only four of us left training and I wasn’t going to go with Brad so I got to train with JoJo a lot for this.  He’s an awesome training partner.

I didn’t know that Diamond made the sign for JoJo.  I never saw it or knew about it back at the house, but it was a really cool thing for him to do.

I missed this fight.  It happened right after my fight.  When they were fighting, I was in the ice tub icing my leg because it was in a lot of pain.  I still don’t know why my leg was hurting that damn bad.  It was throbbing.  Suman stayed with me until I told him to go watch the fight.  He would have stayed with me the whole time if I needed him to but I wanted him to go see the fight.  He got me ice and was on top of that s---.  He’s an awesome dude.      

My prediction for the finals is that JoJo wins by submission.  It will be a good fight though.  He’s going to get hit for sure.  It’s going to be tough but JoJo has better submission and his ground game is better than Mike’s.  His submissions are slick.                              

There is only one fight left and I cannot wait to break down the last episode for everyone.  You all have been awesome throughout this entire journey and I want you all to know how much I appreciate it! 

-Thug Nasty