Former V3Fights' featherweight champion and newest UFC featherweight, Bryce Mitchell, breaks down the series finale for TUF 27.  Congratulations Thug Nasty and good luck in your UFC debut on Friday!!!


One of the last days that we were there, DC brought in a chef and he was going to cook dinner for us.  The other team wasn’t at the house and I have no clue where they were.  The whole coaching staff was there, our whole team was there, and Luke Rockhold and Max Holloway showed up too.  However, the meal almost didn’t happen.  When the chef got there, the kitchen was so dirty that the chef said that he couldn’t work in that environment and said that we needed to clean up the kitchen.  Me and a few of the guys did the dishes and cleaned up.  Once it was clean, I stayed and helped the chef prepare the food.  I was the sous chef.  He was cooking for twenty people and he needed help so I helped him.  No one else would help, but I really wanted to eat this food by a professional chef so I was chopping up vegetables and other stuff and helping him out as much as I could.  I also learned a lot from the guy.  The chef taught me how to do things like grate cheese and things like that.  I never grated cheese before so it was a cool learning experience.

That kitchen was always a mess.  There was a lot of socialism in that kitchen.  One person was doing something (cleaning) for all the bums who got it dirty.  I helped clean up that night because I wanted to eat that food.  Normally I wouldn’t clean up after everyone else and I just cleaned up after myself.  I refused to do dishes for anyone else the other nights, but I did it for the chef this night.  People are so nasty.  There was a dishwasher there but we couldn’t use it.  There was a sign on it that said ‘out of order’ and they didn’t tell us until after the show that it did indeed work.  They didn’t want us using it and wanted the kitchen dirty for drama in the house.  I was so pissed.         

What I was most shocked about was that on this night, Thailand got really drunk and almost got into a fight with one of the coaches and they didn’t mention any of it on the episode.  It was Deron Winn.  He was talking s--- to him and Thailand started swearing at him and DC was making sure that Deron didn’t whip Thailand’s ass, because trust me, he would have!  No way Thailand could do anything to Deron.  I was shocked none of that was shown on the episode.       


The background that they did on Jay and Tyler and their families was really sad.  I knew a little bit but not much until it aired. 

I helped out Tyler a lot for his semi final fight and told him as much as I could about Jay.  Again, there were only four of us left training and I was fighting Brad, so I went with JoJo and Tyler a lot.  Jay didn’t do a lot in his fight against me, but I showed Tyler what I could.  I figured Tyler would get him down right away but he hardly did.  Kyler was pissed that Jay got back in the tournament and not him, and rightfully so.  He had a better performance in his fight than Jay did.  But it was meant to be because I felt that if Tyler and Kyler fought, that Tyler would have won pretty easily.  Kyler was getting drunk almost every night and Jay didn’t.  In fact, Jay didn’t miss a day of training after our fight.  Plus he talked to Dana about wanting to come back and I guess the right decision was made.            


First off, let me say this…  I didn’t care that Jay was back in it and I wasn’t mad at all that he advanced to the finals even though I beat him.  I messed up my chance and wasn’t mad that Jay made the finals.  I actually got to watch this fight when it was happening.  I was watching it with Brad and we were both icing our legs because they hurt like hell.  This fight was AWESOME and the place was very loud, especially Stipe and his coaches.  They were going crazy when Jay was coming back.  Jay smelled blood and kept going and going and building and building.  Jay’s performance was actually a pretty inspirational moment.  When the fight finished, each promo took about two or three minutes each for them to square off.  I believe Brad is the better fighter, but I really don’t care who wins.            


They would not let us pack our bags the day before we left.  They wanted us interacting with each other.  After taping, we went straight from the TUF gym to the TUF house.  There they gave us all our checks and we had a few hours to pack.  We also got our phones back and everyone loved that.  I called my mom and paw-paw.  They had pizza and ice cream for us too so I had some.  Actually I had a lot.  I got pretty sick and starting throwing up.  I knew I had some form of a concussion too.  It was terrible.  I just wanted to lay down and take a nap but they wouldn’t let me and I didn’t want to pack.  I was nauseous.  They took me to the hospital because I was throwing up even though I didn’t want to go.  I went outside and sat down and they took me.  I said that I was not going and like twenty people stood around me and after about twenty minutes they made me go.  I was there for about an hour so now I had even less time to pack.  I had all of this stuff that I gathered near the TUF gym that I wanted to bring home and now I couldn’t because I was rushed.  There is this ditch near the TUF gym and some hobos lived there and they left some stuff out and I took it.  I had a nice pile of stuff but I was so sick that I didn’t pack everything.  I had 115 feet of 14 gauge wire, a c-clamp, a tortilla presser and didn’t pack any of it.  I should have had a nice pair of air max shoes but the producers made me put them back in the ditch after I got them because he said that they belong to a hobo.  I was pissed because now those shoes are just going to get rained on and I would have definitely have worn them. 

After we packed up, they took us to a five star restaurant and a strip club.  I was the only person out of everyone that didn’t go to the strip club.  I just sat in the bus and wanted to go home.  After everyone got back in the bus they took us back to the Palace Station and when I got there I went to sleep.  We left the next day.  The last person I saw before I boarded my flight was Ricky.  He was still on crutches and we walked to our gates.  At this time the freedom felt great.  The whole time there all I wanted to do was go home.  I did this show because I had to in order to better my life, but I didn’t enjoy it.  I wanted to go home to everyone.                  


They never showed Chris Weidman coming to the gym.  I trained with him and his teammates a few times and he remembered me.  He was there for a day and there for the other team, but he saw me and it was great to see him again. 

Olympic gold medalist freestyle wrestler, Jordan Burroughs showed up and did a little seminar for us.  The guy is an UNBELIEVABLE wrestler and DC brought him in for us.  This was a funny story because at the time I had no clean clothes to wear and was in my boxers at the TUF gym when this was taking place.  I also had ringworm so I wasn’t going to participate in and I was only going to watch.  All of the sudden he called me over to work on the single leg move that he was showing so there I was, wrestling with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in my boxers and my nuts were hanging out.  Haha    

So the cat is out of the bag now.  When we joined the show, we all signed a six fight deal with the UFC.  Now that doesn’t mean we all will get six fights with them, and some of the guys aren’t even on the live finale.  Luckily I was chosen to fight this Friday and I am officially a UFC fighter.  I am in Las Vegas right now with Willie (McGlothlin/head coach) and Kidron (Cannon).  Kidron is filming a lot of the behind the scene footage for his series “Homegrown Fighter.”  The link is posted below at the end of this blog. 

I am fighting my teammate from the show, Tyler Diamond.  I think Brad is a tougher fight for me than Tyler, but I’m trying not to be overconfident.  In practice, I felt that I got the better of him but I didn’t know how hard he was going.  He may have been holding back just in case we ended up fighting each other.  He may have been half-assing it because he may have had to fight me, and now we are.  I held back too because I didn’t want to show him all of my submissions.  I got him twice at tryouts and I got him once in the gym and then I stopped trying.  I even gave up two submissions just in case.  I had him and then I just let go so there is no telling what will happen.  We will see on Friday night.      

Even though I wanted to go home the entire time I was there, I still appreciated this experience and am glad I did it.  With that being said, I can’t thank everyone enough for the support that I have received the past twelve weeks.  I have been working really hard to be here and just know that every single one of you are greatly appreciated.  If you want to see some of the behind the scenes stuff with me and the UFC, check it out on the link below.  Tune in Friday night as I make my UFC debut!  Thanks again everyone! 

-Thug Nasty