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Former V3Fights’ featherweight champion, Bryce Mitchell, it featured on “The Ultimate Fighter” season 27.  Everyone fighter on the show is undefeated and Thug Nasty breaks down every episode each week and lets everyone know what went on behind the scenes and gives us his thoughts on what was aired. 



At this point in the show there was about a week and a half left and they surprised us.  They told us to get ready because we were going to go do something and that there will be food there.  Basically, anything we did I was going to be happy doing because I just wanted to get out of that house, that was my mentality.  I just wanted to do something.  Someone said we were going to go golfing and I was fine with that.  We were driving towards the outskirts of Vegas and I was getting excited because I had no clue what we were doing.  When we pulled up I got excited and this was the coolest and most fun thing I ever did in my life.  They gave us a car, but a lot of us ended up swapping them.  I got the Acura because it was the fastest accelerating car there.  Cain (Velasquez) knows a lot about cars and preferred the Porsche.  He really knows his stuff about cars.  They let us go five laps and I was going 130 miles per hour and drifting the corners.  They gave out awards for the fastest drivers.  Cain was the fastest, second was Jay and third was Dulani.  We were there for about four or five hours and then ate there afterwards.  They showed Gunther talking about how he would rather be training.  He didn’t seem too impressed.  He lives in his van and really isn’t into exotic cars and didn’t really care for them.                 


This actually took place days before we went to drive the exotic cars.  Gunther brought it up that we should have one and then I encouraged it and rallied up contestants.  The only ones I could get to participate was Matrix (Kyler) and of course Gunther.  Kyler came in drunk and started doing flips and Matrix type stuff and it was hilarious.  It was my turn next and I started off doing nunchucks but they didn’t show that.  I’m pretty good with them. 

I brought about fifteen pounds of flint with me and if you remember from my first night in the house, I made a sharp arrow out of it and they told me I couldn’t use it.  I asked Pena if he would let me put an apple on his head to shoot it off for the talent show.  If he would have said no I would have been screwed because he was the only one with a fro.  Word got out that I was going to shoot an apple off of Pena’s head and the producers told me they heard a rumor that I was going to do that and wouldn’t let me.  I promised them that I wouldn’t.  So what I did was wait for the talent show to start because once it started I knew the producer wouldn’t have the balls to stop it, so I put the couch in front of Pena and shot the arrow made of flint.  Gunther was the last to go and he actually started out with dark arts, like black magic stuff.  They didn’t show this either but he had these cards and left the room and had Kyler pick a card and he came back in and picked the right card and it was crazy.  He then ended with the puppet show and it was f-----g wild.                


DC brought in these guys and they were there for about a week.  They didn’t train with us or anything like that.  They just walked around and hung out and watched the fights and talked to us.  They showed us talking at practice to Luke and Max about me finally using soap.  The whole team told me that I needed to start using soap because I had ringworm.  I thought that I had it because of them being nasty and they said it was me and that I needed to start using soap.  Before that, I just never used it and used shampoo or whatever.  So I started using this soap that they had there and I been using it ever since.  In fact, Luis jacked a bucket of it from the show and handed it to me and said ‘Wash yo stank ass!”  I’ve been using that stuff from the show ever since I got back.   

Whenever there was a fight night on television they let us watch them.  One night Luke and Max came over to watch the fights on television.  Luke is really bad ass.  He said to me that he heard I have a cool ass bow and he really wanted to shoot it and he wanted to see me shoot something with my sharp arrow.  He said ‘Screw that dull arrow, I want you to shoot this sharp s--- through something.”  So I covered up my microphone and ran outside.  On the way out all I could do is grab this woven basket and I hurried up and shot it and it went right through it.  They came outside and said something to me and I said, “It’s too late, I shot it.”  They started talking crap to me and yelling and Luke was just laughing.  I was talking back and told them that I was just doing what my coach told me to do.  If Luke wasn’t there I would have been in a lot of trouble but Luke protected my bow and arrow rights.  Luke wasn’t worried about me getting in any trouble.  He just said F it and thought it was awesome that the arrow went right through it.              


For starters, this fight happened on the last day of filming.  All four semi-final fights happened on the same day.  If you noticed, when John and Mike were fighting, there were only half of each team sitting in the bleachers and that is because the rest of us were in the back warming up. 


While I was in the back, I heard everyone out in the gym yelling ‘OOOOH’ and one of the coaches came back and said that Gunther caught a knee and kept going.  I figured that Gunther was getting hit a lot.  When this episode aired, it was the first time that I saw that fight.  Most people thought that Gunther was going to get destroyed in this fight.  Our team was talking a lot of s--- about Team Stipe’s guys losing and being in the semi finals.  I like Gunther a lot and he’s hilarious and a character but I knew he was getting hit and when he came in the back after his fight I saw his face and it was swollen.  So Gunther lost and Trizano advances and in five minutes I’m up next to fight.         

It will be aired this Wednesday.  Stay tuned and I’ll update everyone on what happens in that episode.  Once again, thank you everyone for your support and following my TUF 27 blog. 

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We were disappointed when he told us the news that he was out of the competition, but there is nothing you could do about it.  It just sucks.  He and Ricky both came home from the hospital that same night and they were both messed up physically and emotionally. 

If you watch the episode closely, you can see a mark on Richie’s face.  It looks like a pimple but it was really a herpes lesion outbreak.  It’s on his chin and it flared up.    That was a clear sign that his body was stressed.  It wasn’t an injury that put him out of the fight, it was a medical condition.  The lesion was swollen bad like a boil on his face.  The fact that he had a flare up on the same day he had rhabdo shows how messed up he was.  The whole event stressed him.  He sounded confident and I believe mentally he was ready to fight.  But the overtraining and rhabdo made the lesion come up and his kidneys shut down and there was nothing he could do about it.  When he came home from the hospital he just chilled.  


This fight happened four days after the Ricky/Suman fight and the Richie incident. 

I like Diamond.  We got along just fine.  We swapped hunting stories in the house and he’s a great training partner.  I trained a lot with him when I was getting ready for my semi-final fight.  He wanted the fight with Dulani bad and was very confident that he would win.  Heck, everyone knew that he was going to beat Dulani. 

Speaking of hunting stories, one of the first conversations I had with him once the show started airing he was telling me that he was getting a lot of criticism on social media because he hunts.  I just thought it was a few people hitting him up and that he was over exaggerating but he wasn’t.   Now I am getting that same kind of criticism and know what he was talking about. Ha ha


Let me start out by saying that as much crap as Dulani talked to people in the house, he was always cool with me and never started anything with me like he did with some of the others.  We were all good.  He would always dress up no matter what and whenever Team Stipe went out and did anything, he would go all out and dress up ever more.  I’m not sure if he was playing it up for the cameras or not but one night we were playing pool and Dulani said that all he was doing was what Conor McGregor is doing and they are basically the same and Richie, who is Conor’s teammate, says in his Irish accent “Conor is witty and funny and you’re f-----g stupid!”  We thought that was hilarious.          

One thing about Dulani is he by far ordered the most food in the house.  He would write a ton of stuff down on the request list.  He always had so much left over that his meat was starting to go bad.  We had no room in the refrigerator for our stuff so everyone was encouraged to eat all of his stuff because he had that much.  So everyday the first thing I did was go to the fridge and ate something that said “Dulani” on it.  One time we took all of his crab legs, like five pounds, and our team had a cookout.  He never said anything about it. 

As far as Dulani and fighting, he had to know that he was going to lose to Tyler.  He had to know that after tryouts that he wasn’t good on the ground. 


Pretty much everything happened that I thought.  It was so one sided.  Dulani landed a few good sidekicks.  I’ll give him that, he has good ones, but after that it was all Tyler.  

Tyler has a teammate from Team Alpha Male who is a 125 pounder and that was Dulani’s last fight and that 125 guy dropped him.  So Diamond knew he was going to f--- him up.  A good 125 would whoop Dulani.  My training partner Jeremiah Cullum (V3Fights’ flyweight champion) would beat Dulani bad.  I would put good money on Jeremiah and he would choke out Dulani

After the fight he was saying ‘ I got my ass whooped ‘ and stopped talking crap. 


Right after the fight, they announced all four semi-final matchups.  I already knew that they were going to have me fight Brad.  I heard someone talking about it so I was expecting it.  Even before they announced it, DC had me and Brad stop training together, and I knew what he meant. 

I had no clue when they brought in Jay and Gunther and told them that they were back in the tournament.  I found out when they announced it.  I didn’t care that Jay was brought back after I already beat him and I feel he is outmatched when they announced him fighting Tyler.  I thought Jose was going to be the one replacing Luis because skill wise he is better than Gunther, but Jose was heavy, had multiple stitches and Gunter is a teammate of Stipe.  As far as Ricky’s replacement, Kyler was getting drunk a lot and Jay asked Dana so they picked Jay.  A few days after Suman’s fight, they told him that he was out and tore his ACL and he was pissed about it.  Kyler and Jose were pissed about not being brought back too.   

So round one is over and the semi-final fights are set.  There are some awesome fights still to come so tune in next week when I break down the next episode.  Thanks to everyone for their support!  

- Thug Nasty
















Here we go with another episode and what a crazy one it was… 


The show starts out with Ricky coming home from the hospital after his fight.  I remember he didn’t get back until really late.  When he got back from the hospital, I thought he was going to be fine and so did he.  But he was in a lot of pain that night. He was in so much pain that he started drinking to help his foot feel better.  I think he was drinking whiskey.  He had certain stuff that he wanted because he was putting it on the request list.  But that night he drank a lot. 

After he had been on crutches for a few days and still had the black eye, we knew it wasn’t looking good for him because his next fight was only a week away.  He was wearing sunglasses because the light was hurting his eyes.  They showed me bringing him food and stuff and that happened a night or two after his fight.  All he did was eat ice cream and drink whiskey so I brought him some real food.  I didn’t know what to make him at first, but I knew he needed something for energy.  I remember one day I saw what he had for breakfast so I just made that for him. 

When he came home from the doctor the second time, he told us that he was out of the competition.  We were pretty depressed about it.  At this point we were hoping that because we lost guys to injuries, that maybe they would bring Thailand back.  Ricky was on crutches the rest of the time that we were in the house.  Once Ricky found out that he was done with the competition, he started drinking every damn night, and a lot of times during the day as well.   

He was still on crutches at the airport when filming was over.  


These two fighters were featured this week because they were next up to fight.  I got along with both guys really well. 

Allan didn’t speak English so Jose would translate for us if we needed him to since he spoke Spanish.  Allan is a wild dude.  We would exchange stories and I would use hand signals and body language to help communicate and if I got stuck I would get Jose to translate for me.  The first thing I taught him was the word ‘catfish.’  I knew ‘gato’ means cat and ‘pescado’ means fish so I taught him catfish.  When he didn’t understand me at first, I had to draw a picture.  I definitely learned some Spanish on the show and the Spanish I already knew got better because of Allan.  When I first started talking to him he was telling me all of the animals that he had.  I didn’t think he knew what the word 'pet' meant, and he was telling he had all of these pets.  And then when I saw his home video when the show aired, sure enough he had that many reptiles for pets.  He’s a wild man.  Out of all the places where everyone on the show was from, his was the coolest.  I loved how his backyard is a river where he can fish whenever he wanted and on the other side of the mountain is a beach. 

Richie was cool as s---.  I got along with him really well.  He’s a savage and an awesome training partner.  Richie can leg lock people from anywhere.  Even when you are on top of him in mount, his leg locks are scary and he can still get to them.  He trains with Conor McGregor in Ireland.  He talked about Conor a lot.  He really doesn’t know him outside of the gym, but in the gym he said Conor is awesome and has amazing boxing.  He says that Conor stays right outside of the punching distance from his opponent and is as close as can be without getting hit.  So that was cool that he could share stories and talk about the biggest name in the sport.  Richie trained three times a day.  He would go running in the morning before our two a day practices.  He would run 5 to 10 miles on the treadmill before we even had our first practice.  He thought this was helping him out, but really it was his downfall as you saw later in the show. 


The stare down was intense.  That whole exchange escalated slowly and I blame the producers for this.  They had them face off for over a minute with no one there to separate them and the two just got closer and closer and eventually the coaches had to get in there because the producers never told them that the face off was done.  That was the most anticipated fight so far just because of that weigh in.  I was super pumped when it happened, we all were, but the difference with me was I had 5 cups of coffee in me.  Ha ha  


If you recall, Dana White at one point said, “This has been a crazy day,” and this is what he meant…

So last episode Ricky fought Suman and you just read everything that happened with Ricky.  However, Ricky and Richie were supposed to fight on the same day, so when this was actually happening, everything that went down with Richie was happening the same day that Ricky fought Suman.  Richie and Allan were actually supposed to fight first and Ricky and Suman were supposed to fight five minutes after that, but when Richie started cramping up, they had Ricky and Suman fight first to give Richie more time to heal up.  

The morning of the fight, Richie said that he started feeling funny and that he felt bloated.  He noticed that he put on more weight than usual and felt bigger.  And again, he and Allan were supposed to fight first and then Suman comes out and tells us that Richie’s stomach is messed up and he may not fight.  We really didn’t know how severe this was with Richie and that it would go away and the fight would still be on.  After a lot time went by, we heard one of the female commissioners say that she saw this happen before and that the fight isn’t going to happen and that Richie is done. 

Richie had what is called Rhabdo.  Rhabdo is when muscles break down and they release their contents, including muscle enzymes into the bloodstream.  The toxins block up your kidneys and can harm the kidneys and cause kidney failure.  So Richie caught cramps in his calves from overtraining and was in a lot of pain.  I helped carry him out so I knew this was serious.  The female commissioner said that this takes weeks to recover and that sucks.      

 So in the same day, Ricky and Richie both went to the hospital and Pena is already out.  

I knew that Allan was upset and crying after the fight.  I thought it was funny because I know Allan is a wild man and wanted to fight.  I didn’t know that he got the finish bonus but it was badass that he did. 


Dulani and DC go at it during the announcement and Dulani started crying.  I saw a teardrop drop off of Dulani’s face onto the mat.  Nobody let him live it down, even at the house.  I trained with Dulani some, so I felt good about Tyler winning this fight.  But at this point we knew we had almost half of our team down with injuries, so we were all wondering what the heck is going to happen.   

Things just keep getting more interesting so tune in this week for my breakdown of the last fight of the first round.  And as always, I want to thank everyone for all the support that you are showing me!

-Thug Nasty








I know a lot of you have been waiting for this episode and so have I.  I couldn’t wait to see it and give all of you the inside scoop.  This whole experience has been awesome so far and I’m happy and grateful for everything and everyone.  Tonight was the first time my mom has watched a full fight of mine.