The athlete was born on July 14, 1988 in Ireland. He is a professional MMA fighter in the lightweight category. As a child, I grew up as an ordinary teenager. The first sport that interested him was surprisingly football. He played in a local club, and was a fan of the football club Manchester United.

2006 brought the move to Conor’s family in the city of Vulcan. He graduated from a local school and began to master the profession of a plumber. In his student years, Conor came to the realization of martial arts. In an educational institution, the future legend met like-minded Tom Egan. Together with him began to learn to fight. Since 2008, he has been on the SBJ team.

McGregor gained popularity thanks to his extraordinary eating in the fight ring. The more cameras at speeches or press conferences, the more likely the defiant behavior of the fighter is to draw attention to his person.

The athlete will never miss the opportunity to verbally trample, humiliate, or insult his opponent before the fight, he loves various provocations very much. Thanks to such qualities, the ranks of his fans are constantly replenished. Analysts single out such a person because of the uniqueness and unusual combat technique in sparring.

Some mixture of boxing and taekwondo makes itself felt in fights. Kicks are equally powerful both to the body and to the head. The fighter equally owns the left and right hand. For this reason, it is difficult to find an approach to it. Conor has mastered versatile stances, it is impossible to predict how he will behave in battle.

The opponents who lost to him claim that the athlete in battle is just as defiant and unpredictable as in public.

The beginning of a professional career as a fighter

He began his professional career in mixed martial arts in his homeland at Cage Warriors. In lightweight, the martial arts star earned 10 wins and 2 losses. Pereshov in another category, debuted in lightweight. In just 2 fights, he won the featherweight title.

But the champion returned to the lightweight category and took the title from champion Ivan Buchenger. Conor became the undefeated champion in two weight classes at the same time. After such successes, they started talking about him in the world. The UFS became interested in the rabid Irishman and quickly signed a contract.

Conor’s first fight in the UFC was against Marcus Brimage. Immediately, a bunch of blows rained down on Conor from all sides. The fighter immediately understood the tactics of the opponent and knocked down twice with clear heavy blows to the beard. The fight ended in victory for McGregor, who was stopped by the referee.

The UFS realized that such a fighter was missing from the team for a long time. The athlete is fast, the blows are crushing, a real temperamental Irishman with a strong spirit. The audience fell in love with him not only because of his fighting abilities, but also for his talent as a showman.

The next fight is scheduled with Andy Ogle, who pulled out of the fight due to injury. The UFS has decided to replace opponent Max Hello. Conor got an easy and quick win. But in the 2nd round, the athlete felt a crunch in the knee. After the fight, doctors diagnosed a ligament rupture.

Rehabilitation took 10 months. After a long break, McGregor won the fight against Diego Brandan, sending him to a technical knockdown in the first round. The opponent could not stand the intense battle.

At this pace, in 2015, Conor made it to the featherweight world title, taking the belt from Jose Aldo. The title remained until 2016. After the fight with Khabib, the athlete was disqualified for six months.

After the incident, Conor left the sport and went into business, proving that his name alone earns millions of dollars. Several times he returned to MMA only for big money for PR, and the audience demands a return.