The sports star was born on May 19, 1981 in Canada. It is considered the best all over the world, recognized unanimously. In his entire career, he received only 2 defeats.

Georges had a difficult childhood. He was bullied at school, often beaten, and his money and clothes were taken away. Sportsman came to the conclusion that you need to learn to stand up for yourself consciously.

At the age of 7, he began to study karate on his own. Martial arts fell in love with him and he undertook to study Brazilian jiujitsu. With his first victories, core of a fighter was born in the guy. His family was below average. In high school, guy worked as a bouncer at a local nightclub to provide for his family.

A diverse person, he did not get hung up on one sport and at the same time attended training in freestyle wrestling. Champion Viktor Zilberman became his coach. Georges trained different gyms and in different groups. I spent a lot of training with sports stars and gained invaluable experience.

According to him, the more diverse athletes he meets, the more versatile chempion becomes as a fighter.

San Pierre in his youth was placed to become a champion after watching the MMA championship in 1993. He began to participate in amateur fights. At the age of 16, champion won his first victory over an opponent 10 years older. Just an unthinkable duel when a child defeats an already established boxer. The fight was won by knockout.

He began performing professionally in mixed martial arts in 2002. Started with the USC Canadian League. There he saw no equal and won an absolute victory. All of his sensational victories attracted the attention of UFS managers. So, on favorable terms, a legend began his career.

Wins and losses of the world champion in MMA

The first fight in the UFC was given to Georges very hard against the Armenian fighter Karo Parisyan. He survived all 3 rounds. By decision of the judges, became the winner. Already in 2004, Georges St-Pierre competed for the world welterweight title against former professional champion Matthew Hughes.

The fight was the first defeat in MMA Georges gave up after a choke hold and admitted that the defeat was due to the difference in the sport in which the fighters are oriented. It was after this that legend began to try himself in different types of martial arts.

World Champion Title

In 2006, after working on the mistakes, Georges again enters the fight with Matthew Hughes, whom he sent to sleep in the second round. subsequently received the world title welterweight category. But in the spring of 2007, has to defend his new title.

The next fight was for the world title with Met, after his injuries, was temporarily unable to defend the title. But the UFS decides to fight with the opponent, whom Georges lost at the beginning of Met Hughes’ sports career. The world star made the fight so spectacular by ending the fight with an armbar submission.

Such an event was published by Fighters Only magazine, where he received an award for conquest of the year. His rival Matthew after the defeat announces his retirement with the slogan “The way to the young”.

In the spring of 2008, a fight took place, which was postponed due to an injury to opponent for the world title.

The tournament set a record in spectator honors of nearly 22,000 spectators. Georges took into account all the mistakes of the past and combined wrestling and accurate kickboxer strikes. First, he exhausted the opponent with wrestling techniques and delivered clear blows to the powerless opponent.

The referee stopped the fight and Georges became undisputed world champion. So athlete became the fourth fighter who received the title twice. After that, the champion did not stop training hard. Until 2011, St-Pierre unreservedly rebuffed anyone who laid eyes on his title.

He announced his retirement from the sport in 2013 and remained an undefeated titled athlete of world fame.