Charles David Liddell was born in 1969 in California. A true representative of old-school MMA fights. He has been performing almost since the very beginning of the sport. Charles saw the times when the brawls were really spectacular and brutal. The athlete entered the ring with the idea of ​​knocking out an opponent and not winning on points.

The mother was engaged in education, and the grandfather helped to grow a young male nature. It was the grandfather of the legend who taught to stand up for himself and be able to brawl back from an early age. In his school years, he was rapidly involved in football and wrestling, he was not interested in studying.

Chuck had a kind of test of his skills – he liked to get into fights with students. So it was argued that a worthy opponent is hard to find. The students, having learned that they had lost to the student, were disappointed in their abilities. After school, the athlete entered the university.

At the university, he was immediately given the condition that he would become the captain of the wrestling team, and the university would pay a scholarship. According to Chuck, in 1993, while watching TV, he saw the UFC championship, where the first MMA fights were held. He liked the sport so much that he told himself he would go to participate.

Where did it all begin?

After graduating from the university, he plunged into adulthood, where he devoted himself to training in fights without rules. In 1998 he made his debut in his first fight. The decision of the judges defeated Noah Hernandez. March 5, 1999 in a duel with Jeremy Horn, Chuck lost by choke.

But the fight even today causes a lot of criticism in relation to the judges, because the athlete did not give up arbitrarily, but endured until the sound of the gong. The loss ended Chuck’s winning streak.

On December 16, 2000, the legend met in a duel with Jeff Monson. Liddell won by unanimous decision. In 2001, Chuck faced MMA thunderstorm Kevin “The Monster” Rendelman. Liddell sent the Monster to the floor with a direct left hit. Thanks to the aggressive manner of fighting, Chuck demolished the enemy with a series of crushing blows.  They called him “Ice Killer”.

The hero strived with all his might to become a champion. But according to the rules of the UFC, in order to apply for a brawl of this magnitude, you need to win candidate fights. In 2002, a fight took place with Victor Belfort. Liddell won by decision.

The king of the octagon came close to owning the title of champion. But defending champion Tita Ortiz refuses to step into the ring. But the managers are not at a loss to organize a fight with the interim champion Randy Couture. Liddell lost this brawl because he underestimated the opponent, who turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

The loss did not affect the realization of the dream of becoming the champion of the octagon. He won the title from Randy with a one-punch right knockout in 2005.

The fate of the champion is hard – there are many who want to win the title. In August 2005. Chuck was challenged by his first opponent, Jeremy Horn, who lost the fight. Chuck landed many blows to the face and the opponent refused to continue the fight because he could not see anything.

In 2006, the former champion Couture wants the title back and challenges the Ice Killer. He once again confirmed his superiority by knocking out the opponent.

In 2007, the world champion lost his title to Quentin Jackson, who knocked him out.

Such an unguarded fighting technique led the athlete to many injuries and affected his health.You need to understand that every year there are more young and capable fighters.

3 years after losing the title, Liddell retired and moved to support, holding tournaments in the organization of the UFS.